WINERY NAME Weingut Künstler
ADDRESS Geheimrat-Hummel-Platz 1a
65239 Hochheim am Main
WEBSITE www.weingut-kuenstler.de
SIZE (HA/ACRES) 48.8 ha
OWNER Gunter Künstler
WINE MAKER Gunter Künstler, Rolf Schregel
GRAPE VARITIES Riesling, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Grüner Veltliner, Alvarinho, Merlot


The quality of the fruit coming in from the vineyard shapes the vintage; we know it’s not possible to improve it, only to preserve it. We do so through informed, quality-oriented work in the vineyards that sticks close to nature’s own tools, including environmentally friendly methods such as green cover, careful canopy management and an orientation of our work toward the rhythms of the vines, from “gentle” pruning to selective harvest. We treat each vineyard differently, tailoring our work to the individual needs of the site’s specific vines. These efforts all share one common thread: the knowledge that every spring and summer’s labor is really an investment in the top-quality fruit of a successful autumn.


Our goal is to harvest and process only healthy, fully ripened grapes, reflected by our intense focus on optimal air circulation among the vines. Even when machines and tractors are used, we are mindful of low-impact measures and emissions reduction.


We produce our wines using cutting-edge cellar technology combined with traditional craftsmanship and old-fashioned artistry. Taste and harmony, not analytical values, are of paramount importance. When making wine, we concentrate on achieving the ideal balance between residual sweetness, alcohol and acidity – key components to wines with enormous aging potential. Our work in the cellar focuses squarely on retaining the quality of the grapes, as this is what later shines in the glass. When our work is done right, you can taste the individual character of each single vineyard site in the wine.