K. F. Groebe


WINERY NAME Weingut K. F. Groebe
ADDRESS Mainzer Straße 18
67593 Westhofen
WEBSITE www.weingut-k-f-groebe.de
GROWING AREA Rheinhessen
OWNER Friedrich Groebe
PRODUCTION 60 000 btls
WINE MAKER Friedrich Groebe
GRAPE VARITIES 75% Riesling, 10% Grauburgunder, 8% Spätburgunder, 5% Silvaner, 2% Scheurebe und Gewürztraminer


Making good wine requires a philosophy and outstanding skills - not technology. Wine is part of our culture. Good wines, having their very own special character, can be only produced at certain locations and with the necessary knowledge about them.




Our grapes are cultivated in century-old vineyards of Westhofen on soils that have been responsibly cared for by our family for generations. By liberally cutting back the vines in spring, by not using mineral fertilizers, and the having a variety of natural growth at the individual sites, a natural competition is generated in the vineyards. The vines will suffer and are forced to look for their nourishment in the deeper layers of the soil. This principle is the foundation for unique wines, which in turn will reflect their origin - the “terroir” - a unity composed of the soil and the micro-climate.


We are founding members of the registered private association called “Controlled and Environmentally Safe Viticulture”, because we have traditionally considered it to be our obligation to deal with nature in a responsible fashion.




In late October, a time most promising to achieve highest degrees of “Oechsle” and best acidity values for producing the best wines, we pick our grapes exclusively by hand and by taking great care. Then we let the must, which is carefully pressed from the grapes, slowly ferment in a cool place in old vats made of oak wood, thus turning into a young wine. Only after several months of maturing in our deep cellars will the wine be bottled with great care.


For all friends of wine, who appreciate a good German wine from the Rhine River region – the character, harmony, and aging ability are the most distinguishing characteristics of our wines.




Our estate is a member of the Association “Verband Deutscher Prädikats- und Qualitätsweingüter”, VDP.


In addition, we have specially classified vineyards at the locations of the Westhofener Aulerde, Morstein and Westhofener Kirchspiel.